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Recycling Made Easy!

Suburban Miners is committed to environmental sustainability and we are proud of our Zero Landfill policy for all materials processed.

Suburban Miners complies with all applicable federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations, including the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), HIPAA and all EPA guidelines for the e-waste industry.

When you donate your items, we now shred your hard drives for free!

What do we accept for recycling?

e-Waste: whole computers, LCD/LED/plasma Flat Screen Monitors/TVs, printers, electronics, circuit boards, keyboards, video/sound cards, motherboards, aerospace boards, memory simm, dimm, cd rom, hard drives, power supplies, power cords, cell phones, telephones, cpu processors, video games and gaming consoles, audio and video equipment, recording gear, copiers and much more. If it is metal or if it is electronic we accept it.

We accept everything at no charge.

Household Items: vacuums, large appliances, small appliances, microwaves, utensils, metal food cans, soft drink cans, tools, metal shelving.

Batteries: auto, marine, computer, laptop, forklift, rechargeable, nicad, lithium. Please note that we do not accept standard household batteries (AA, AAA, D, C etc) unless they are new in the packaging.

Magnets: Ceramic, Alnico, Samarium Cobalt, Neodymium Iron Boron, Injection Molded, Flexible

Musical Instruments: Electronics, drums, cymbals, fretted and non fretted instruments and woodwind type instruments of all sorts. (we reuse!)

Transportation: Vehicles, trucks, trains, airplanes and farm equipment

Ferrous: steel, iron, sheet metal and turnings. (Any magnetic ferrous material)

Copper: pipe, insulated wire, plate, tubing, turnings, blanks, plumbing, radiators, electric motors, sealed units, etc

Aluminum: cans, extrusions, MLC, wheels, castings, diecast, radiators, breakage, sheet, painted, transmissions, acsr, windings, insulated wire, 6061, 7075, 2024, 5052, honeycomb, and more

Brass: pipe, fittings, plumbing, faucets, home decor, radiators, red, yellow, machinery etc

Lead: soft, wheel weights, sinkers, lead acid batteries etc

Stainless Steel: 316, 18/8, 17/4, restaurant and medical equipment, pool ladders, etc

Gold/Silver: fingers, circuit boards, processors, wire, jewelry scrap, fillings, etc.

Other things we accept: electric motors, whole AC units, whole appliances, restaurant equipment, aircraft, farm equipment, and more

Items we do not accept:

  • Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT Tvs and CRT Monitors)
  • Paper, clothing, books, styrofoam and cardboard (We do accept gaylord boxes which are very large boxes used to ship products by freight.) 
  • Items containing hazordous wastes such as murcury or oil or acids
  •  Items containing pressurized gases such as bbq propane tanks
    (except for forklift tanks, welding tanks and other large commercial upright  bottles.)
  •  Light Bulbs
  •  Toilets
  •  VHS Tapes, floppy disks and Cassette Tapes.
  •  Green waste and construction debris
  •  Glass (we do however accept stained glass)
  •  Used Tires (Unless attached to an aluminum wheel)
  •  Rubber
  •  wood (we can accept functional 48"x48" pallets)

  Electronics Recycling, Computer Recycling, Hard Drive Shredding and Data Destruction - Serving Tucson, Casa Grande, Sierra Vista, Vail, Sahuarita, Green Valley and Phoenix Arizona. Copyright 2007-2017 Suburban Miners. 3820 E. Blacklidge Dr. Tucson, Arizona 85716 P: 520.406.7446