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Recycling Made Easy!

Certified Data Sanitization

Financial Data Sanitization and Destruction - Suburban Minersprovides banks & financial institutions with GLB, FACTA & SOX compliant data security by degaussing & shredding any quantity of hard drives or other data containing media. On-site Data Sanitization & Witnessed Data Sanitization

We offer an on-site degaussing & hard drive sanitization service at your location using our Mobile Shredding Service which can shred up to 500 hard drives an hour. For larger quantities of hard drives our high volume shredder can shred 1200 hard drives per hour.

Electronics & IT Equipment Recycling

Convenient Pick-up & Removal of All Unwanted Electronics

Next Day pickup for all your end of life or decommissioned computer & electronic equipment. We service banks, mortgage brokers and any other financial institution.

Our friendly, professional logistics team will come to your location to remove your retired IT equipment.

Third Party Audit Trail Serial Number Capture

Serial numbers can be captured & recorded as required by your needs to provide a complete third party audit trail. Our recycling program includes asset tag removal & full compliance with all applicable local, state & federal regulations such as RCRA.

Suburban Miners has a zero landfill policy.

Certificate of Recycling & Data Sanitization

We will issue you a Certificate of Recycling & Data Sanitization so that you have all the paperwork necessary to prove compliance.

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