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Mail in Your Unwanted Electronics
(We accept both working or non-working elect

This program is perfect for individuals who have the desire to recycle their electronics, but do not have a registered electronics recycler in their local area, Suburban Miners is proud to offer the convenience of a mail-in recycling program. Sending us your electronics through the mail costs you only your shipping charges. There are no fees from us unless you require our shredding service.

Because you must handle all shipping costs, we recommend using this program for small, easy to package items, such as old cell phones, laptops, mp3 players, hand held video game systems, circuit boards, ram, cpu chips etc. While we recommend these types of items, we will accept all kinds of electronics through our mail-in program, granted that you are willing to pay to have them shipped to us.

How it works:

We recommend using the lowest cost shipping method possible. This is normally parcel post, but sometimes it can be priority mail through USPS. Once your items arrive we will send you back a certificate of Recycling via email or regular mail. We ask that you provide us with a way to send the certificate with your package. This is not required, but its always nice to know what was recycled and that it is being recycled properly and our certificates provide a recycling guarantee for your items.

Certificates of Destruction are available for hard drives and other media that may require shredding. See below.

Media requiring shredding: There is a fee of $5 per item to be shredded. You can include a check, money order or cash with your shipment for this service. An itemized certificate of destruction will be issued within 24 hours of receipt during normal business hours. If you have high security requirements, please consider using Fed Ex Secure for shipping your hard drives: http://fedex.com/us/services/customcritical/security/program.html

We can shred hard drives, optical disks, vhs tapes, cassette tapes, cd/dvd roms, floppy drives and zip type disks.

You may send any package unsolicited
to us anytime at the following address:

Suburban Miners
3820 E. Blacklidge Dr.
Tucson, Arizona 85716

For business customers with high volumes of cell phones, circuit boards, inkjet cartiges, ram, cpu or other similar items, please contact us to setup an account.

For more information about our mail in program or other recycling services, please call us at:


or Email: suburbanminers@gmail.com

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