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Recycling Made Easy!

Our Recycling Process:

Suburban Miners simply does it better. We have made a substantial financial investment in education, training and equipment to create a better way to recycle and re-use, one that makes a lot of common sense and is sustainable over the long haul.

When you bring your recyclable materials to Suburban Miners main facility or to one of our quick drop locations, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your items go through the following processes and procedures:

Unless you speak with one of our representatives and have a special request, this is what happens after you drop off your items for recycling:

#1. Security Inspection: All items are carefully inspected initially for data containing disks, media and hard drives. All found items are physically removed from computers and electronics and placed into a gaylord located inside a secure locked cage. This ensures physical separation from any on site visitors and protects your data from theft. Once this gaylord fills up, these items are automatically shredded on our ameri-shred hard drive and disk shredding equipment. Your drives are protected in the meantime by our alarm system and our video monitoring security system. Once your hard drives are shredded the shredded materials are then recycled to recover the metals and sold back to industry buyers within the states.

#2. Re-Use: All items are then inspected for resale value. If any whole item has any resale value it is sorted and separated and placed into our resale supply chain. We resell these items to industry suppliers, repair houses, artists, contractors and through our ebay store. From time to time we also hold local auctions to place items back into the marketplace.

#3. Dismantling for re-use: Items containing resalable items within them are further dismantled and redeployed back into the marketplace for re-use.

#4. Remanufacturing: Many times we can take items from multiple donations and combine them to build or repair a broken item. Laptop computers are a good example of how we do this. We stockpile non working laptops and combine multiple broken units until a new working unit emerges from the parts. We do this whenever we can and where it makes economic sense. We also sell broken items as-is through our Ebay store for parts and through this we can place many things back into the marketplace that you might not have otherwise thought possible.

#5. Recycling: Anything left without a resale value is then dismantled, sorted and placed into our recycling bins for further recycling. We then sell each commodity to approved and vetted buyers working within the United States.

Please note that we do not sell to overseas buyers. Our goal here is to keep the commodities inside the United States to help rebuild our manufacturing base and keep america strong.

Need more info or have additional questions? 520-406-7446

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