Services & Repair

Computer Repair

We determine what issues are causing problems with the proper function of your computer.

  • Laptop repair
  • Desktop repair
  • Component replacement

Let us breathe life into your computer. Our computer technicians are adept at upgrading your devices through cost-effective solutions. We provide repairs for both hardware and software components of your computer.

Suburban Miners
Certificate of Recycling & Data Sanitization

Suburban Miners provides complete data security by shredding any quantity of hard drives or other data containing media.

The certification service includes scanning of all your bar codes for your records. You will receive a printed or digital copy of your certificates. The service is available by walk-in if you do not want to witness the destruction. It is also available by appointment if you need to provide a witness.

All our services are backed by a certificate of recycling and a certificate of destruction so that you have all the paperwork necessary to prove compliance. We issue certificates of destruction for a fee of $5 per hard drive with a $20 minimum fee.

Equipment Removal

Our friendly and professional logistics team will ensure that all your retired IT equipment is removed. We service Fortune 500 businesses, local and state government agencies, medical providers, as well as offices. 

Third-Party Audit Trail & Serial Number Capture

We record and capture serial numbers by our proprietary software and bar code scanner. Based on your needs, we provide a complete third party audit trail. Our recycling program includes asset tag removal and full compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations.

Electronics & IT Equipment Recycling Pick-up

We provide convenient pick-up and removal of all unwanted electronics. We also provide next-day pick-up for all your end-of-life or decommissioned computer and electronic equipment.

We provide hardware installation and troubleshooting!